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Home financing is a critical part of any real estate transaction. We at South Arizona Homes have a few outstanding, motivated Mortgage Lenders that we work with on a regular basis that provide timely credit checks for our clients at no cost to you. They determine your credit worthyness to purchase a home. These credit checks provide both you and us with the information needed to be able to aquire the home of your dreams. By knowing in advance the level of financing you can qualify for, we as your Realtors(R) can help you find the home of your dreams, in the location where you want to live, and in the price range you are credit worthy to purchase.

Once your credit worthyness level is established, these same lenders provide us with an LSR (Loan Status Report) that State law requires us to have in order to open escrow at any title company in the process of purchasing a home. While we and you search for the home of your dreams, it is imperative that we begin the process to obtain your LSR. By completing the form below, you provide the information necessary for one of our mortgage lenders to provide that oh so necessary document.

 So what is an LSR exactly? This document states that you have consulted with a mortgage lender and you are pre-qualified to purchase a house.  The letter will have a maximum dollar value on it indicating how much money you have qualified for.  It will also indicate what kind of financing you are qualified for and the amount of your down payment that you will make.  This letter is submitted with a purchase contract to your escrow officer. it is to notify all parties, and particularly the seller, that you have your money, and you are a serious buyer. If you are pe-approved. not just qualified, it is a firm offer by that lender to provide the funds needed by and for you to purchase the home as your mortgage lender. Asking to be pre-approved at the time you submit your credit application speeds up the process of closing when it comes time to do so.



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Do you have need for home financing services? If so, please start by completing the simple form below. We will be in contact with you shortly after we receive the completed form.

By completing and submitting the form you are stating that you are a least 18 years of age and give South Arizona Homes and one of it's mortgage bankers authority and permission to process your form as a credit application. We then use this information to review your credit history and score for the purpose and intent of pre-qualifying you to purchase a home.

If you do not wish to complete the form for any reason, we or our lenders cannot and will not perform any credit checks. However, if you do not, we cannot offer to help you with the purchse of any home due to your unwillingness to provide any credit information or credit history to South Arizona Homes, LLC or our Mortgage Lenders.

The exception would be if you already have a lender that you are working with and have an LSR from them that you can provide us with that is not over 30 days old.


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Using this mortgage section will help you to understand just what it takes to have a successful real estate transaction anywhere in Arizona. We can and will work with you on any home in any part of the State of Arizona. We have homes listed for sale in Pinal and Maricopa Counties as well as Pima County. We have helped clients sell and purchase homes in various counties in Arizona as well.


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