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SHORT SELL YOUR HOME A New, Easier Way To Get It Done


            During 2002 to 2005, gosh how time flies, there were many people who went out and purchased homes based on their income, credit scores, and the idea that home values would keep going up, and easy credit. With that knowledge they often purchased homes that they could barely afford believing that they would have an increase in income over the next few years and the house payments would be easier to afford.
            We here at South Arizona Homes, LLC have the ability to help those who have one of those upside down houses. I went to a training class two years ago to learn how to both deal with and negotiate with banks to your benefit as a short sale home specialist. We are now into the third year of a recession and poor economy and probably the worst since the great depression of the late twenties and thirties. It’s caused major changes to most of the financial structures and institutions, a great amount of deflation in almost everything, and in the end it took a war to break out of that depression. Just a few days ago I listened to a webinar predicting nearly the same thing is happening again.
            I am not an economist but the small amount of knowledge I gained in my two econ classes in college lead me to believe this is a major deflation of one of our economy’s major wealth building sources. I have watched the real estate market slowly erode and deteriorate over the past 3 1/2 years. This major deflation of billions of dollars in the wealth of our nation with most of the lost wealth coming out of the retirement accounts of millions of baby boomers who are about to retire over the next five years or so. My mom and dad are in that group so I have firsthand knowledge of the tough time they are having as my dad was forced into early retirement due to back surgery in 2009 that went terribly wrong. He tried to have a Realtor® Short sale his house but the banks were not co-operating back 2008 at all thinking they could foreclose and sell the house for what was owed. One offer was made and input for $208,000 in May on a debt of $216,000 and the bank turned it down. There was a large second, but the house is now only worth $125,000 to $135,000. I am sure they wished they had taken the $208,000 back then. I am not sure if it ever sold, but as of December of 2009 it had not. Mom and Dad walked away on July 4th, 2008 because the bank said they were going to auction it off on July 8th, 2008. The bank hadn’t done that as of December 2009 and my parents perhaps could have lived there, rent free, for another year and a half.
            No one likes the idea of idea of walking away from a debt, particularly when it is your home. But there are times that it just doesn’t make sense to hang on to something you cannot afford and will never be able catch up the payments on without winning the lottery. We have learned, and so have the banks, that when you the owner cannot afford to make the payments, short sales make sense. The banks don’t like them and fight to make sure you rally cannot afford them before they will approve a short sale. I, with over 20 short sales negotiated with banks and lenders in the past two years can attest to that. But they will eventually let the property be short sold.
            We have a new program that will get you out of your house in a very short time. A party we know will work with your bank to purchase your home as a short sale. All you as the home owner need do is call us and we will make all of the arrangements and you can stop making payments. When they and the bank agree on a sales price, you will have 30 days to move out. If you chose to move out sooner, say when you sign over the right to purchase your home with us to WalkAway Today, that is even better for the negotiations to move forward and accomplish the short sale relieving you of the home, the payments, and the worry.
If you are interested in this program call The office and one of us will get you started to freedom from the burden of the home you can no longer afford. Call Deborah at 520-488-7912, or Tim at 520-979-2823.


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