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During 2009 I personally had the privilege of helping nearly 40 families find or sell homes here in Southern Arizona, and I was in the top 25 Realtors® here in the Tucson area. What I found in helping those clients was that they all had different reasons why they needed and wanted to either buy or sell a home. Some sellers were moving to different locations, others needed a larger of smaller home as their family size was changing. Others had a change in their income, some going up and others down. In each case though, I took the time to understand their family’s needs to sell their home. Then I made it happen for them, quickly when priced and marketed correctly. Many were short sales as well where my expertise and real estate state certification in short sales and working with banks became key. Because of my high level of service, a great many of them wrote thank you testimonial notes and letters. Because there are so many and the law associated with releasing them has changed, I can only do so at your specific request rather than publishing them. Please take the time to click the heading above and request my “44 Money Making Tips For Preparing Your Home To Sell” and mention your desire to have some testimonials as well. The Seller’s report I mention will help you help me to sell your home quickly. I look forward to working with you in the sale of your home when you are ready to do so.

Everett Testimonial

T. Robert Everett -

I have worked with Deborah twice now in finding a home here in Sahuarita. Both times she was very personable and professional helping both myself and my wife to find the homes we needed. Each time our needs were different and the features we needed were substantially different. The first home needed required 5 bedrooms as we had our grandson, his wife, and two children living with us. Later we needed to down size to a home for just my wife and myself. Both times it took us only a few days for Deborah to find the right homes and to get the proper financing in place. All was accomplished through Deborah with her expertise and contacts with lenders that allowed us to move in to the new home quickly. Deborah has also sold our large home in a short period of time in this very down market getting us out without any trouble though we were upside down with the mortgage.
She is a wonder, and you could not do better in selecting a Realtor.


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