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With So many Houses on the market, RIGHT NOW is a great time to buy a house!

We have two great free "Buyers Guides" available for you to read to help you understand how to best purchase a home in today's market. The first is from The National Association of Realtors, and is down loadable in a PDF file format. The second one available is written by us with a focus on our local market here in South Arizona. It has some 20 very important pages in it that provide great ideas and items to watch for in purchasing your next home. On the last page of our guide, we have a great and valuable coupon for you that is worth hundreds of dollars in savings to you when you purchase a home with our services. We have also expanded our business to represent several investors that are purchasing property and reselling them everyday in our market that you can take advantage of the savings on.  And remember, our services are always provided to you at no cost as a home buyer as they are paid for by the home seller.


If you are seeking a short sale, foreclosed property or property ready to go to auction, South Arizona Homes is the correct choice to help you find and purchase your next home.  We have complete knowledge and dedicated service to the investor or principal homeowner seeking our services. We are very familiar with Pima County properties and can help you find the right home for you to live in or as an investment.

Call us TODAY as there are hundreds of great home purchasing opportunities just waiting for you! Call us Today at 520-488-7912!
Home Sellers

Today with the market flooded with homes that are being sold as short sales, homes that have been foreclosed on by banks and dropping prices down to ridiculous levels in an attempt to recover whatever they can, and new home builders selling homes at fire sale prices, you need a REALTOR team that receives many referrals from past clients and with a remarkable marketing campaign to sell your home. That REALTOR team must also have the knowledge and negotiation skills to help you achieve the very best sales price possible for your home when you decide to sell it.

We are pleased and proud of our sales record even in these very difficult times. It is our belief that providing you, our client, with the very best sales effort possible, we can and will find a buyer for your home. Marketing in this troubled time is not a matter of spending the most dollars on advertising as that does not work. Relationships, with past clients bring us over 60% of our buyers and sellers because of the service we had provided them in helping them to sell or purchase their home. Their continued faith, friendship and support provide us many new friends and clients that allow us to present your home to them. Additionally, we provide you with the maximum sales effort possible in local marketing, and an outstanding client-sales relationship that you deserve. You are encouraged to call us with any concerns or questions, and we will always keep you abreast of any interested parties that are inquiring about your home.

 We offer a variety of choices in selling your home so you can get the most money in your pocket at the close of escrow. And we get paid only when you sell your home. You need an aggressive team of experienced REALTORS to get your home sold in the least amount of time, AND for the most money possible. Our marketing and sales efforts provide you with that.

We have two great, free “Sellers Guides” for you. One is from the National Association of Realtors and is available as a PDF download. The second is written by us and has a more local focus. It contains 44 ideas for you on how to improve the sale of your home in a short time for the most possible money. We offer that second guide by email or mail and you can ask for it as you enter the sellers' section of this website. On its last page is a special coupon for you that will save you hundreds of dollars when you sell your home using our services allowing you to put that extra money in your pocket. This coupon is not for short sales however. After you've read the guides, please call us for a no obligation market valuation of your home. Or call us and we can bring the guides to you and do the home valuation at the same time at 520-488-7912.

Short Sellers

During 2011 short sales have become well over half of our business due to the current national economy and the down turn in the housing market, South Arizona Homes is an Arizona Certified Short Sale Specialist through Deborah Ferguson-Breslin. During 2011, South Arizona Homes has sold nearly 100 homes and over one-half of those have been short sales. Our close rate of short sales is over 90% compared to the national and local average of only 23% according to the National Association of Realtors.

The new HAFA programs claim to complete the process in just two or three months. However, the banks must still accept the buyer's offer and if rejected, the process starts over again. The experience and expertise in this area is what you need to successfully close your short sale and we will pledge this quality of service for you.

a short sale may be the only way for you to either sell or purchase a home then call Deborah Ferguson-Breslin,  as an Arizona Certified Short Sale Specialist & Negotiator, along with her several other real estate recognitions achieved from the National Association of Realtors. With today's market, it is important to choose the right Realtor to handle the short sale of your home.  You need to choose one who has knowledge & experience associated with the many programs available to assist homeowners to make a good decision for their future. Deborah is that person to make it happen as you would wish. Call her to obtain all the details at 520-488-7912.

There is one more item regarding a short sale. If you are being transferred to another location, you do not need to miss any payments to short sale your home. The transfer is enough of a hardship of itself to often allow a home to be sold short. It's the missing of payments that damages one's credit as well. So, if you don't need to miss a payment to short sale your home - DON'T!

The following are new rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission that became effective January 31, 2011 and that apply to all short sales made in the USA. The full 53 page rule issued by the FTC. (These rules apply to mortgage mitigation companies and not real estate agents or companies per se. However, we are required to post them with regard to our short sale home business by HUD),  Section 16 CFR Part 322, as follows:

1.    South Arizona Homes, LLC is a for-profit business not associated with the government. This offer has not been approved by the government or your lender.

2.    If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.

3.    You may stop doing business with us at any time. You may accept or reject the offer of mortgage assistance we obtain from your lender [or servicer]. If you reject the offer, you do not have to pay us under the FTC rules. If you accept the offer, you will have to pay us for our services.

If you reject the offer from the lender/servicer, the short sale will not proceed, but under Arizona law you may still be bound to pay the agents fees associated with the sale as a qualified buyer was found and the only reason for the sale not to proceed is your decision to not sell. Under normal sales rules of homes, you would be bound to pay all commissions earned.

Note: Commissions paid to real estate agents for short sales are paid by the mortgage holder/servicer, not the home owner. South Arizona Homes, LLC is paid at the close of escrow when the home has been successfully sold and transferred to the new owner and not before. At no time will the owner/seller of a home being sold short pay real estate agents’ fees.

4.    The full amount the seller must pay for our service is determined and paid by the mortgage holder/servicer and not the seller as the seller of a short sale receives no part of the funds received in a short sale. It is usually a percentage of the sales price and never exceeds the traditional 6% commission requested by most agents.

5.   Even if you agree to sell your home as a short sale using our service, your lender may not agree to the short sale which would change your loan. They may reject it entirely, or make a counter offer from that made in the purchase agreement by the buyer and accepted by you.

Investors - and those seeking Great Home Buyer Deals

The market right now is great for first-time or experienced real estate investors. Many seasoned and some new investors have jumped into the market as it dropped and continues to drop. Though the housing market seems to have stabilized for now, there maybe a second dip to the recession coming. As a result, the prices may drop further than where they are at the present. Unfortunately, there is now way to be certain even with the recent drops in the stock market and the downgrading of the USA Bonds. Many thought there would be a rise in interest rates with the downgrading of the bonds, yet the home loan interest rate declined further from already historically low rates. It is our belief that even if the housing market declines further, it will be a very small amount and because of the very low interest rates for home mortgages, now is the best time to buy a home in the near and foreseeable future.


It is also a great time to be a landlord as so many people are not able to purchase a home now as they had to or are having to short sale their home. We have renters come to us every day seeking a home to rent and there just aren't enough of them available. If you are seriously thinking of becoming an investor in real estate there is no better time than right now. With this trend and with overwhelming requests, we are not focusing on providing the Best Service as your manager of your property with our dedicated management knowledge.




When the real estate market became hyper-inflated a few years ago, we had many uneducated investors put down payment money into homes as an investment and drove the market up in the growth areas as in south Arizona. Unfortunately lenders too helped to hyper-inflate the market with easily obtained sub-prime loans for primary home owners as well. Investment buyers thought that they could turn the homes quickly for a profit. They were wrong. After purchasing homes, investors found they could not sell or rent them (it was still too easy to purchase a home with a sub-prime loan). As the market dropped, there just wasn’t a strong enough rental market at the time either to take up the slack and there was way to much housing inventory. Those investors are now long out of the market having lost their investments through foreclosures of which many are now REO's (bank-owned) waiting for new buyers. The old sub-prime investors were just too greedy and inexperienced and didn’t understand that they were not in a get rich quick program.

 To further the problem as the housing market collapsed many people found themselves out of work and lost the homes they had purchased to live in causing the market to further collapse. The job market still has not recovered and there are still many REO's available for investors and home buyers.

 Real estate is a long-term, hold investment, in most cases. Occasionally, a rare home comes along that can be easily resold with minimum investment to fix it up and be sold quickly. But today is a great time to buy from distressed sellers wanting or needing to sell their property or are in pre-foreclosure, or to buy an REO if you are willing to do the repairs that most of them need. The banks want to sell the REO's, but they do not want to have them come back as foreclosures again.

 Deborah, as a Foreclosure Specialist, often works with banks where she has direct communications with them regarding their foreclosed properties. As a short sale specialist she utilizes the HAFA programs to their best advantage with banks to obtain quick results in most cases for a solid negotiated price for the buyer which allow short sale sellers to move on with their lives quickly. 

Call Deborah Ferguson-Breslin for Investment Properties Today at




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